More and more Asian customers ask us for quotations for INA bearings. It’s true that INA bearings are getting more competitive in global bearing market due to its good quality. As INA’s authorized distributor in Asia, Tianjin Shengshihaobo Inc. take our responsibility to offer Asian clients original German INA bearings at a low price. We are now pushing sales for INA linear bearings!

Linear bearings are bearing elements for translation type motion. As in the case of rotary bearings, a distinction is drawn as to whether the forces occurring are transmitted by means of rolling or sliding elements. Each linear design has particular characteristics that make it especially suitable for particular bearing arrangements.

Types from stock:

KH 0622   KH06
KH 0622    KH06
KH 0622 PP KH06-PP
KH 0622-PP KH06-PP
KH 0824 KH08
KH 0824 KH08
KH 0824 PP KH08-PP
KH 0824-PP KH08-PP
KH 1026 KH10
KH 1026 KH10
KH 1026 PP KH10-PP
KH 1026-PP KH10-PP
KH 1228 KH12
KH 1228 KH12
KH 1228 PP KH12-PP
KH 1228-PP KH12-PP
KH 1428 KH14
KH 1428 KH14
KH 1428 PP KH14-PP
KH 1428-PP KH14-PP
KH 1630 KH16
KH 1630 KH16
KH 1630 PP KH16-PP
KH 1630-PP KH16-PP
KH 2030 KH20
KH 2030 KH20
KH 2030 PP KH20-PP
KH 2030-PP KH20-PP
KH 2540 KH25
KH 2540 KH25
KH 2540 PP KH25-PP
KH 2540-PP KH25-PP
KH 3050 KH30
KH3050 KH30
KH 3050 PP KH30-PP
KH3050-PP KH30-PP
KH 4060 KH40
KH4060 KH40
KH 4060 PP KH40-PP
KH4060-PP KH40-PP
KH 5070 KH50
KH5070 KH50
KH 5070 PP KH50-PP
KH5070-PP KH50-PP
KH913849.H913810 KH913849-H913810
KHM215249.HM215210 KHM215249-HM215210
KHM218248.HM218210 KHM218248-HM218210
KHM518445.HM518410 KHM518445-HM518410
KHM804840.HM804810 KHM804840-HM804810
KHM88542.HM88510 KHM88542-HM88510
KHM88649.HM88610 KHM88649-HM88610
KHM911245.HM911210 KHM911245-HM911210
KL44643.L44610 KL44643-L44610
KL44649.L44610 KL44649-L44610
KL68149.L68110 KL68149-L68110
KLM104949.LM104911 KLM104949-LM104911
KLM11749.LM11710 KLM11749-LM11710
KLM11949.LM11910 KLM11949-LM11910
KLM12749.LM12710 KLM12749-LM12710
KLM12749.LM12711 KLM12749-LM12711
KLM29748.LM29710 KLM29748-LM29710
KLM29749.LM29710 KLM29749-LM29710
KLM300849.LM300811 KLM300849-LM300811
KLM48548.LM48510 KLM48548-LM48510
KLM501349.LM501310 KLM501349-LM501310
KLM503349A.LM503310 KLM503349A-LM503310
KLM503349.LM503310 KLM503349-LM503310
KLM603049.LM603011 KLM603049-LM603011
KLM67048.LM67010 KLM67048-LM67010
KLM806649.LM806610 KLM806649-LM806610
KLR-U 15.47.20 2Z KO KLRU15X47X20-2Z
KM12649.M12610 KM12649-M12610
KM86649.M86610 KM86649-M86610
KN 12 B PP KN12-B-PP
KN 16 B PP KN16-B-PP
KN 20 B PP KN20-B-PP
KN 25 B PP KN25-B-PP

We hope, by our kind service, reasonable price, regular supply and punctual delivery, we can succeed in pushing sales for INA linear bearings, just like we did in Timken tapered roller bearings Europe, FAG deep groove ball bearings Middle East, Timken bearings Korea, NSK bearings Poland, and Sweden angular contact ball bearings Africa. Thanks for your support and help. I am here to answer you any questions about our products.

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India is a major importer of  Sweden bearings from Tianjin Shengshihaobo Inc. . Buyers there  are loyal to Sweden brand because Sweden’ bearing products are always of high quality, and SFK manufactures a wide range of roller bearings and ball bearings. For every design, they can supply their draft, therefore, customers trust their design. And that’s why Sweden has become one of top bearing manufacturers.

In our ware house, we have stored a wide range of Sweden bearings, including deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, CARB totoidal roller bearings, needle roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, cylindrical roller thrust ball bearings, tapered roller thrust bearings, needle roller thrust bearings, spherical roller thrust bearings, Y bearings, bearing accessories and so on. Here I list some models of Sweden angular contact ball bearings for Indian friends reference:

Models of Sweden angular contact ball bearings available:

Sweden7200BEP Sweden7201BEP Sweden7202BEP Sweden7203BEP Sweden7204BEP Sweden7205BEP Sweden7206BEP Sweden7207BEP

Sweden7208BEP Sweden7209BEP Sweden7201BEP Sweden7211BEP Sweden7212BEP Sweden7213BEP Sweden7214BEP Sweden7215BEP

Sweden7216BEP Sweden7217BEP Sweden7218BEP Sweden7219BEP Sweden7220BEP Sweden7221BEP Sweden7222BEP Sweden7224BM

Sweden7226BM Sweden7228BM Sweden7230BCBM Sweden7232BCBM Sweden7234BCBM Sweden7236BCBM Sweden7238BCBM Sweden7240BCBM

Sweden7244BCBM Sweden7248BCBM Sweden7252BM Sweden7256BM Sweden7260BM Sweden7268BM Sweden7264BM Sweden7200BECBP

Sweden7201BECBP Sweden7202BECBP Sweden7203BECBP Sweden7204BECBP Sweden7205BECBP Sweden7206BECBP Sweden7207BECBP

Sweden7208BECBP Sweden7209BECBP Sweden7210BECBP Sweden7211BECBP Sweden7212BECBP Sweden7213BECBP Sweden7214BECBP

Sweden7215BECBP Sweden7216BECBP Sweden7217BECBP Sweden7218BECBP Sweden7219BECBP Sweden7220BECBP Sweden7221BECBP

Sweden7222BECBP Sweden7224BECBP Sweden7226BECBP Sweden7228BECBP Sweden7230BECBP Sweden7200BEGAP Sweden7201BEGAP

Sweden7202BEGAP Sweden7203BEGAP Sweden7204BEGAP Sweden7205BEGAP Sweden7206BEGAP Sweden7207BEGAP Sweden7208BEGAP

Sweden7209BEGAP Sweden7210BEGAP Sweden7211BEGAP Sweden7212BEGAP Sweden7213BEGAP Sweden7214BEGAP Sweden7215BEGAP

Sweden7216BEGAP Sweden7217BEGAP Sweden7218BEGAP Sweden7219BEGAP Sweden7220BEGAP Sweden7203BECBM Sweden7204BECBM

Sweden7205BECBM Sweden7206BECBM Sweden7207BECBM Sweden7208BECBM Sweden7209BECBM Sweden7210BECBM Sweden7211BECBM

Sweden7212BECBM Sweden7213BECBM Sweden7214BECBM Sweden7215BECBM Sweden7216BECBM Sweden7217BECBM Sweden7218BECBM

Sweden7219BECBM Sweden7220BECBM Sweden7221BECBM Sweden7222BECBM Sweden7224BECBM Sweden730oBEP Sweden7301BEP

Sweden7302BEP Sweden7303BEP Sweden7304BEP Sweden7305BEP Sweden7306BEP Sweden7307BEP Sweden7308BEP Sweden7309BEP

Sweden7310BEP Sweden7311BEP Sweden7312BEP Sweden7313BEP Sweden7314BEP Sweden7315BEP Sweden7316BEP Sweden7317BEP

Sweden7318BEP Sweden7319BEP Sweden7320BEM Sweden7300BECBP Sweden7301BECBP Sweden7302BECBP Sweden7303BECBP

Contact me if you need the above products or other products like Timken cylindrical roller bearings, NSK bearings, INA bearings, FAG self-aligning ball bearings.

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Tianjin Shengshihaobo International Trade is pushing sales for INA cylindrical roller bearings, see the follows:

Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage are units comprising solid inner and outer rings together with cylindrical roller and cage assemblies. The outer rings have rigid ribs on both sides or are without ribs, the inner rings have one or two rigid ribs or are designed without ribs. The cage prevents the cylindrical rollers coming into contact with each other during rolling.

The cylindrical roller bearings are very rigid, can support high radial loads and, due to the cage, are suitable for higher speeds than the full complement designs. Bearings with suffix E have a larger roller set and are thus designed for extremely high load carrying capacity.

The bearings can be taken apart and can therefore be fitted and dismantled more easily. Both bearing rings can therefore have an interference fit.

Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage are available as non-locating, semi-locating and locating bearings.

Types available from stock:

OLD????  NEW
SL01 4830     SL014830
SL01 4832     SL014832
SL01 4834     SL014834
SL01 4836     SL014836
SL01 4838     SL014838
SL01 4840     SL014840
SL01 4844     SL014844
SL01 4848     SL014848
SL01 4852     SL014852
SL01 4856     SL014856
SL01 4860     SL014860
SL01 4864     SL014864
SL01 4868     SL014868
SL01 4872     SL014872
SL01 4876     SL014876
SL01 4880     SL014880
SL01 4912     SL014912
SL01 4914     SL014914
SL01 4916     SL014916
SL01 4918     SL014918
SL01 4920     SL014920
SL01 4922     SL014922
SL01 4924     SL014924
SL01 4926     SL014926
SL01 4928     SL014928
SL01 4930     SL014930
SL01 4932     SL014932
SL01 4934     SL014934
SL01 4936     SL014936
SL01 4938     SL014938
SL01 4940     SL014940
SL01 4944     SL014944
SL01 4948     SL014948
SL01 4952     SL014952
SL01 4956     SL014956
SL01 4960     SL014960
SL01 4964     SL014964
SL01 4968     SL014968
SL01 4972     SL014972
SL01 4976     SL014976
SL01 4980     SL014980
SL02 4830     SL024830
SL02 4832     SL024832
SL02 4834     SL024834
SL02 4836     SL024836
SL02 4838     SL024838
SL02 4840     SL024840
SL02 4844     SL024844
SL02 4848     SL024848
SL02 4852     SL024852
SL02 4856     SL024856
SL02 4860     SL024860
SL02 4864     SL024864
SL02 4868     SL024868
SL02 4872     SL024872
SL02 4876     SL024876
SL02 4880     SL024880
SL02 4912     SL024912
SL02 4914     SL024914
SL02 4916     SL024916
SL02 4918     SL024918
SL02 4920     SL024920
SL02 4922     SL024922
SL02 4924     SL024924
SL02 4926     SL024926
SL02 4928     SL024928
SL02 4930     SL024930
SL02 4932     SL024932
SL02 4934     SL024934
SL02 4936     SL024936
SL02 4938     SL024938
SL02 4940     SL024940
SL02 4944     SL024944
SL02 4948     SL024948
SL02 4952     SL024952
SL02 4956     SL024956
SL02 4960     SL024960
SL02 4964     SL024964
SL02 4968     SL024968
SL02 4972     SL024972
SL02 4976      SL024976
SL02 4980      SL024980
SL04 130 PP    SL04130-PP
SL04 140 PP    SL04140-PP
SL04 150 PP    SL04150-PP
SL04 160 PP    SL04160-PP
SL04 170 PP    SL04170-PP
SL04 180 PP    SL04180-PP
SL04 190 PP    SL04190-PP
SL04 200 PP    SL04200-PP
SL04 220 PP    SL04220-PP
SL04 240 PP    SL04240-PP
SL04 260 PP    SL04260-PP
SL04 300 PP    SL04300-PP
SL04 5004 PP   SL045004-PP
SL04 5005 PP   SL045005-PP
SL04 5006 PP   SL045006-PP
SL04 5007 PP   SL045007-PP
SL04 5008 PP   SL045008-PP
SL04 5009 PP   SL045009-PP
SL04 5010 PP   SL045010-PP
SL04 5011 PP   SL045011-PP
SL04 5012 PP   SL045012-PP
SL04 5013 PP   SL045013-PP
SL04 5014 PP   SL045014-PP
SL04 5015 PP   SL045015-PP
SL04 5016 PP   SL045016-PP
SL04 5017 PP   SL045017-PP
SL04 5018 PP   SL045018-PP
SL04 5019 PP   SL045019-PP
SL04 5020 PP   SL045020-PP
SL04 5022 PP   SL045022-PP
SL04 5024 PP   SL045024-PP
SL04 5026 PP   SL045026-PP
SL04 5028 PP   SL045028-PP
SL04 5030 PP   SL045030-PP
SL04 5032 PP   SL045032-PP
SL04 5034 PP   SL045034-PP
SL04 5036 PP   SL045036-PP
SL04 5038 PP   SL045038-PP
SL04 5040 PP   SL045040-PP
SL04 5044 PP   SL045044-PP
SL04 5048 PP   SL045048-PP
SL04 5052 PP   SL045052-PP
SL04 5056 PP   SL045056-PP
SL04 5060 PP   SL045060-PP
SL18 18/500    SL1818/500-E
SL18 1840      SL181840
SL18 1844      SL181844
SL18 1848      SL181848-E
SL18 1852      SL181852-E
SL18 1856      SL181856-E
SL18 1860      SL181860-E
SL18 1864      SL181864-E
SL18 1868      SL181868-E
SL18 1872      SL181872-E
SL18 1876      SL181876-E
SL18 1880      SL181880-E
SL18 1884      SL181884-E
SL18 1888      SL181888-E
SL18 1892      SL181892-E
SL18 1896      SL181896-E
SL18 2204      SL182204
SL18 2205      SL182205
SL18 2206      SL182206
SL18 2207      SL182207
SL18 2208      SL182208
SL18 2209      SL182209
SL18 2210      SL182210
SL18 2211      SL182211
SL18 2212      SL182212
SL18 2213      SL182213
SL18 2214      SL182214
SL18 2215      SL182215
SL18 2216      SL182216
SL18 2217      SL182217
SL18 2218      SL182218
SL18 2219      SL182219
SL18 2220      SL182220
SL18 2222      SL182222
SL18 2224      SL182224
SL18 2226      SL182226
SL18 2228      SL182228
SL18 2230      SL182230
SL18 2232      SL182232
SL18 2234      SL182234
SL18 2236      SL182236
SL18 2238      SL182238
SL18 2240      SL182240
SL18 29/500    SL1829/500
SL18 2912      SL182912
SL18 2913      SL182913
SL18 2914      SL182914
SL18 2915      SL182915
SL18 2916      SL182916
SL18 2917      SL182917
SL18 2918      SL182918
SL18 2919      SL182919
SL18 2920      SL182920
SL18 2922      SL182922
SL18 2924      SL182924
SL18 2926      SL182926
SL18 2928      SL182928
SL18 2930      SL182930
SL18 2932      SL182932
SL18 2934      SL182934
SL18 2936      SL182936
SL18 2938      SL182938
SL18 2940      SL182940
SL18 2944      SL182944
SL18 2948      SL182948
SL18 2952      SL182952
SL18 2956      SL182956
SL18 2960      SL182960
SL18 2964      SL182964
SL18 2968      SL182968
SL18 2972      SL182972
SL18 2976      SL182976
SL18 2980      SL182980
SL18 2984      SL182984
SL18 2988      SL182988
SL18 2992      SL182992
SL18 2996      SL182996
SL18 3004      SL183004
SL18 3005      SL183005
SL18 3006      SL183006
SL18 3007      SL183007
SL18 3008      SL183008
SL18 3009      SL183009
SL18 3010      SL183010
SL18 3011      SL183011
SL18 3012      SL183012
SL18 3013      SL183013
SL18 3014      SL183014
SL18 3015      SL183015
SL18 3016      SL183016
SL18 3017      SL183017
SL18 3018      SL183018
SL18 3020      SL183020
SL18 3022      SL183022
SL18 3024      SL183024
SL18 3026      SL183026
SL18 3028      SL183028
SL18 3030      SL183030
SL18 3032      SL183032
SL18 3034      SL183034
SL18 3036      SL183036
SL18 3038      SL183038
SL18 3040      SL183040
SL18 3044      SL183044
SL18 3048      SL183048
SL18 3052      SL183052
SL18 3056      SL183056
SL18 3060      SL183060
SL18 3064      SL183064
SL18 3068      SL183068
SL18 3072      SL183072
SL18 3076      SL183076
SL18 3080      SL183080
SL18 5004      SL185004
SL18 5005      SL185005
SL18 5006      SL185006
SL18 5007      SL185007
SL18 5008      SL185008
SL18 5009      SL185009
SL18 5010      SL185010
SL18 5011      SL185011
SL18 5012      SL185012
SL18 5013      SL185013
SL18 5014      SL185014
SL18 5015      SL185015
SL18 5016      SL185016
SL18 5017      SL185017
SL18 5018      SL185018
SL18 5020      SL185020
SL18 5022      SL185022
SL18 5024      SL185024
SL18 5026      SL185026
SL18 5028      SL185028
SL18 5030      SL185030
SL19 2305      SL192305
SL19 2306      SL192306
SL19 2307      SL192307
SL19 2308      SL192308
SL19 2309      SL192309
SL19 2310      SL192310
SL19 2311      SL192311
SL19 2312      SL192312
SL19 2313      SL192313
SL19 2314      SL192314
SL19 2315      SL192315
SL19 2316      SL192316
SL19 2317      SL192317
SL19 2318      SL192318
SL19 2319      SL192319
SL19 2320      SL192320
SL19 2322      SL192322
SL19 2324      SL192324

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